In this video, astronauts are sharing their learning experience of being in space and looking back at the earth. It makes you realize how we are all living in the same ecosystem where all we do affects the whole planet. It is interesting to see how astronauts, professionals that have no relation with ecology or design, encourage people to take sustainable actions into creating a better world. One of the astronauts interviewed said that we have to realize that we are all in the same situation no matter what if the planet dies we all die.



– Raise consciousness 

– Everything green / giving back to earth (seed project)

– Fitting for a cause 


People in screen printing had a problematic to give them inspiration in the creation process compared to the others in sewing. I find that it is easier having a direct goal than just doing something  for no specific reasons. For the next project, this is one point that I want to focus on. Creating a project to raise awareness on a particular subject. I think that creating the visual for a cause is really interesting especially if its an non-profit organism. What I also liked about some projects in the class was the union of several ethnicities. Maybe informing population of problematic in other countries.  Also, I really liked the ” seed ” project. I think that it is brilliant to give back to earth. Maybe the combination of creating something 100% green that gives back to the earth by also fitting for a cause or raising consciousness. Their is many crisis around the world that could need support.

Guest Lecture/ Natural dyes Jenna Dawn Maclellan

The lecture was very inspiring in my opinion. Learning about natural ways to dye fabrics will help me in my personal projects. I’m now working on a website that promotes second-hand clothing that we modify to be more trendy. As I was dying a shirt, I did ask myself if there was a way to use sustainable materials to dye. Jenna answered my question. I didn’t know there was so many plants that creates beautiful colours on fabrics like Jenna showed us. Like she said, natural dye isn’t a easy technique. Practice and time is the key. On the other hand, I was amazed how Jenna was involve around the world. Her trips around the world helped her in her artistic approach and giving back to communities. I realized after this guest presentation that I would also like to travel like she did to help and get involve around the world. It’s amazing all the projects she did so far.